Mediation Process

  1. DigiZani Ltd. Stands as a mediator for all various sellers to a worldwide level of all different game types and platforms. 
  2. Sellers/Traders offer goods or services in the respective game they are based and represent from. 
  3. Sellers/Traders offer the goods/gold/items they are selling to us the middleman of the trade (DigiZani Ltd) to then enable for sale on our website for the buyer which is interested in a particular product. 
  4. Upon buyers having selected the product they are going to purchase on the site of DigiZani Ltd, they proceed to make payment and provide the relevant details required for trader/seller to deliver. 
  5. DigiZani Ltd will forward your order details and any relevant information you provided to the seller of that specific product you purchased. 
  6. The seller/trader then proceeds to deliver the goods as well as ourselves (DigiZani) being available for any requests or communication needed over both seller & buyer.
  7. The seller/trader informs DigiZani upon successful delivery of the goods to the customer. Only upon successful delivery by the seller/trader DigiZani Ltd arranges payment from the received money minus the mediation commission to the seller/trader. 
  8. Buyer if satisfied with the service in which they have received can arrange to leave feedback through one of our social accounts to reflect his satisfaction upon the service he received. 

Delivery and Service information

DigiZani Ltd delivers your goods and services as fast, reliable and as comfortable as possible directly to you. We endeavor to deliver as fast as possible and use all buyer information in strict confidence. aWe will never pass them on to anyone.


Gold: After receiving your payment, the gold will be delivered to your character via the chosen delivery type.


Power levelling: During your order you provide us with all necessary information. After receipt of payment we will start the power levelling within 12 hours.


Guides, CD-Key or Game-cards: After receipt of payment, we will deliver within 5-10 minutes directly to your email address.


Delivery types


In-game Mail:

We deliver the product via in-game mail as an attachment to your character. Afterwards you can take the gold out of the attachment of the mail from any mailbox.


Face to Face:

One of our suppliers will whisper you in-game during your given online times. He will ask you to meet him immediately, so that he can hand over the product to you.


Comfort Trade:

As soon as the product is in stock, our supplier will log into your account, create a new character on your server and deliver the product directly. Additionally the committals happen between 01.00 -18.00 o'clock GMT so that we do not disturb you while raiding.

We recommend this type of delivery, because we are able to transfer the product fast and secure to your account. Your account information is used trustworthy and will be deleted out of our system after successful transfer. Hereby we ensure maximum security and a smooth delivery.


Mule Account:

We will create a completely new game account with 30 days of playtime for you. The ordered product will be deposited directly on this account.

After the delivery you will receive the log in data for this account. Now you have the account and the ordered product to your disposal. Additional costs originate in the creation of the account.



One of our suppliers will ask you via in-game mail to agree to a contract. Please agree within 24 hours, then your product will be delivered immediately.


Auction house:

The transfer will be processed via the auction house.
Your participation is required.
Best prior to your order you place items into the auction house with a duration of 48 hours.
For every 1000 gold you place one auction house item with a starting price and buyout price of 1000 gold.
So if you want to order 5000 gold, so insert 5 items with the respective unit price of 1000 gold in the AH.
While ordering, please make sure that the "Auction house item" is spelled exactly right.
E.g. Small Weapon not Smallweapon
Together with the character's name a unique identification is possible and the supplier can buy your items.

Please note:

- You have to pay the auction house fees of 5% yourself
- Only one sort of article may be offered in the AH, a mixture of e.g. Blue Pearl and Small Lustrous Pearl is not allowed.


CD-keys and game-cards


- We deliver the CD keys and Game-cards directly via email within 10 minutes.

- A postal delivery is not possible


Levelling products


- Levelling is done by our professionals

- You can give us your desired start and end level

- Time slots in which we do not play can be arranged

- You can check the current status of the service in your customer account


Legal hints and tips


All characters are levelled manually. We guarantee that we do not use third party programs or bots which could threaten your account.

Your character is only levelled by professional gamers.

We will not talk to anybody in-game so that you will remain anonymous during the service.