Sell your gold

DigiZani intends to always provide a safe, professional and secure trading place for individuals to sell their in game currency.

Our company works with the mission of providing mmorpg virtual currency trading, We are committed to provide you quality service that meets all your need to sell and trade mmorpg currency. The drop down table below, shows what current game gold we are purchasing at present, followed by our contact details to which you can discuss and mutually agree with us a figure to arrange the trade. 

Our speciality is to make a long-term relationship across multiple game players. In meeting the demand of game players to sell, sell and trade in-game currencies and items and items, DigiZani offer players with fast transactions, honest customer service and transaction security guaranteed.

DigiZani aims to provide a safe and secure trading environment for enterprising individuals to sell their excess in game currency. To promote a safe, fair and competitive gaming environment, we do not condone the use of hacks, illegal macros, illegal advertising and unethical behaviour in game. Any sellers suspected of any of the mentioned acts will be blacklisted and have no form of future dealings with our company. Your satisfaction over dealing with us is imperative and we will at all times aim to make all forms of communication and dealings with you as friendly and professional for your safe peace of mind.