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Provide your Miniclip login details (if logged in through Facebook, we will need your Facebook details to login to 8 Ball & transfer the coins)

Option B:

A new account pre-filled with the amount of coins you order. (Leave text fields above blank if you want to choose this method)
If you play 8 Ball Pool and regularly are in need of a sufficient amount of coins to play big stake games against an online opponent to increase your level or to purchase that dream cue to enhance your overall shooting ability, buy your coins from us at over 50% cheaper than in-game store prices and gain the edge in your quest to become a pool champion.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is delivery made for this?
Upon payment, you will be directed to our trader system where you can be in contact with our staff during the trade, we transfer the amount you have ordered from our accounts to your's.
Is it safe and will i be banned?
The coins are transferred using separate IP addresses and only a small amount each time, therefore ensuring there would be no ban and it not becoming a flagged account.
Can i get a discount off my order?
Once you have ordered we can issue a discount code to use for your next purchase, this usually is 5-10%
How long does delivery take?
If traders are active then it would be within 30 minutes, maximum waiting times can be up to 24hrs depending on demand. 

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