Amulet of Fury (RS3)


An amulet of fury is an onyx amulet that has been enchanted with Enchant Level 6 Jewellery. It is highly popular and well-known for its high damage bonuses. Although it is surpassed in individual combat types by other amulets such as the Saradomin's amulets as well as their upgraded counterparts, the amulet of fury has the second highest uniform bonuses for a non-degradable amulet outside of Dungeoneering in the game, only being surpassed by the Amulet of Fury (t). The Dragon Rider amulet comes close with a higher Prayer bonus.

The amulet of fury can be decorated with a fury ornament kit. This produces an amulet of fury (or), but does not change its bonuses. A blood necklace shard can be added to the amulet to enhance it into a blood amulet of fury.

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