Saradomin Armour Set (I) (RS3)


Saradomin armour sets are made by exchanging all the components of a set of Saradomin armour with a Grand Exchange clerk. Players can then exchange the set with a Grand Exchange clerk to receive the set pieces as individual items. The set is purely to save space and for use in the Grand Exchange.

A Saradomin armour set (lg) is made with, or can be exchanged for, a Saradomin full helm, a Saradomin platebody, Saradomin platelegs and a Saradomin kiteshield.

The Saradomin armour set is considered to be a symbol of wealth among Free-to-Play players, as it is simply a trimmed variant of rune armour, and provides the exact same bonuses as a Rune armour set (l) or a Rune armour set (sk), though many players believe it looks much better. It is the first most expensive free-to-play item set that is not discontinued.

Often many players prefer to wear matching gloves such as, (Mime gloves, Air runecrafting gloves), boots (Members: Desert boots, Cream boots), an amulet of power, and cape (Members): Ava's Accumulator

Official meeting point for the product committal is:

World 1 West Varrock Bank

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