Barrows - Guthan's Set (RS3)


Guthan the Infested's set requires 70 Defense to wear the armor set and 70 Attack to wield the weapon. Guthan's set is popular among mid- to high-level players for combat training, as the armor has very strong defensive bonuses and the set effect nearly eliminates the need for food. Situations where inventory space is scarce and a lot of healing may be needed, such as in the TzHaar Fight Cave, are ideal. It can even compensate for poison damage, negating the need for antipoison against some creatures, such as Kalphite Soldiers.

The Guthan's set is used by many high-levelled players at aggressive monsters (such as Bandits or Dagannoths) to AFK (away from keyboard) as the Guthan's set heals them they do not have to be at the computer healing.
The recommended approach when healing with Guthan's is to equip the set when you have a medium or low-medium amount of life points left. That way there is little risk of dying, and eventually, after some time, the set will heal you back to full life points. At full life points, you can switch to a different weapon/armor if desired. When your life points are somewhat low, then equip Guthan's again.

The set consists of the following parts:
* Guthan's platebody
* Guthan's chainskirt
* Guthan's helm
* Guthan's warspear

Official meeting point for the product committal is:

World 1 West Varrock Bank


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