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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is out for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Game is offering players unforgettable experiences thanks to the Frotbite 3.0 technology, developed by DICE. Battlefield 4 blurs boundary between fiction and real glory. Destroyable surroundings, spectacular vehicle fights and chaos of total war, in which 64 players are taking part at the same time. This is what Battlefield 4 can give you.

In addtion to the multiplayer mode, Battlefield 4 contains single player campaign with expressive characters. It starts with evacuation of american VIP’s from Shanghai. During the mission you’ll set off in search of a way home.



Total War – Immerse yourself in a wonderful chaos. New maps, even more vehicles and improved destruction allows you to have your very own path to victory. Jump into a heli and run after enemy’s tank. Repair allied vehicles, so they can get back into battle. Or maybe you prefer to stay back and eliminate enemies from distance? In Battlefield everyone will find a role, that suits him best.

Levolution – Learn to adapt to changing surroundings on the map in multiplayer mode. you can demolish whole buildings and continue fight on rubbish heap. Changing weather conditions can beach huge ship and make futher combat completely different. Levolution technology allows you to blow up water barrier and flood whole city.

Amphibious assault – you can pilot brand-new powerfull assault boats and eliminate targets on sea, coasts and even in the air. Fast jet skies and patrol boats – in Battlefield 4 you can find water vehicles for every occasion, both tranport and assault type. Strong winds and high waves make multiplayer water-combat exiting and satisfying challenge.

Commander Mode – In this mode you get a strategic overview of the combat areas and you can see the battlefield through your leader’s eyes, directly from the ground. Battle can be cotrolled from any tablet device. Just dowload Commander App, which is optimized for touch screens and get involved by the Drag & Drop interface. In this mode you also can launch missle strikes aimed in targets of high value.

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