Blue Hween Mask (RS3)

Blue h'ween masks are a discontinued holiday item dropped on 31 October 2002. Their price is between that of red and green halloween masks. However, in the early years of masks, in RuneScape Classic, they were the most expensive H'ween Mask.

If a player died before the 19th April 2011 update wearing or having any discontinued item in their inventory, it will most likely be lost if a player has 3-4 items worth more than 7 coins. However, since this update players can select which 3 or 4 items they wish to keep. It may be traded in the Grand Exchange. Much like the Santa hat, the price of this rare item is generally rising steeply as players quit, get banned or occasionally die and lose them, thus reducing the number of the rare items in the game.

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World 1 West Varrock Bank

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