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Call Of Duty : Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes you into the future, to 2054. In this year, one of the global military corporations, with Kevin Spacey as its leader, will try to take control over the whole world.

You will play as a future soldier and fight for freedom of all mankind. Use brand-new capabilities of your exoskeleton and the most futuristic gear to destroy all-powerful enemy with your team of mercenaries – close combat experts. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes player to the future battlefield, when war of the new era forced major changes in tactics and use of technology. This game is a thrilling experience with fantastic acting of Kevin Spacey, an Oscar winner. He plays the black character, Jonathan Irons, the man with great power on top, that shapes his own idea of the future warfare.





Advanced World - Action takes place in probable future, when modern technology and soldiers training has serious consequences. Thanks to the new elements of surrounding, soldiers gain tactical freedom that was impossible in the past. It completely changes the way of playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Advanced Soldier - Mighty exoskeletons increase combat capabilities of soldiers, changing them into killing machines and eliminates the necessity of their specialisation. The exoskeletons mechanics gives into player's hand possibilities that they never dreamed of: vertical movement thanks to jumping and grabbing, camouflage, biomechanics that enhances biological parameters of soldiers.

Advanced Arsenal - Players got the most futuristic and rich arsenal of weapons in the history of Call of Duty series. Equipment, technology, skills, features and also vehicles including air motorcycles and specialized drones. New class of energy weapons and possibility to choose between future and normal ammunition brings new gameplay dynamics. If we add to this tactical freedom, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings completely new combat.

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