Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Recovery & Rank

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To have the best advantage possible whilst competing online on Call of Duty Black Ops, you need to have high stats, plenty of ammo and the best guns possible. Save yourself the time needed to unlock and achieve all that by purchasing this package to fully equip you to handle any battle.

Package Contents

- Max/Master Prestige(Ask Us If You Want Different Rank)
- Max Rank
- God-mode Classes
- Overkill Classes(If Requested)
- High Or Low Stats
- Titles/Emblems
- All Unlocks
- All Guns
- All Attachments
- High Stats
- All Camo's

Delivery Instructions

How does delivery work?
Upon payment you will be redirected to our portal system where one of our traders will conduct delivery of your order.
Can i have this package added to my main account?
Yes, simply provide your login details for your selected platform and the trader will add the package contents, or alternatively if you want it on a new account, the account details will be passed to you on our portal system.
How long with this take to complete?
Approximately 30 minutes, depending on demand.
Can my account be banned?
No, we use safe and undetectable measures to ensure it is not a flagged account that could be considered for a potential ban.

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