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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2

After centuries of sleep, Dracula, fearless Prince of Darkness, comes back to life. However he is weak and wants to break free from bonds of immortality. Satan, from the moment of his terrible defeat centuries ago, returns as well, and his desires are crear- he wish to lead the apocalypse. Dracula must regain his powers a make a pact with Death, if he wants to defead the Devil and go for his deserved rest.

Dracula has one more deadly enemy – Belmont clan, which wants to end the long lasting conflict and kill Dracula once and for all. Battle between good and evil comes to an end. Dracula must face his Nemezis and his descendants’s wish for revenge.





Personate the famous anti-hero – play as the Dracula for the first time! Gain every power and skills of vempire’s lord.

Open world – travel through a modern world and explore Dracula’s castle, discovering new surroundings and secrets.

Conclusion of incredible story – immerse yourself in the history of ending the Lords of Shadow trilogy.

Powers of emptiness and chaos – use these magical powers. Each one is associated with a different weapon to turn the tide to your favor. Master every weapon, to unlock powerful skills.

Outwit your opponents thanks to vampyre powers – take the form of mist, possess and control your enemies, dissapear in darkness or sneak unseen in rat form.

Roam through beautiful surroundings and fight powerful bosses – travel though levels using new movement machanics and fight giant titans, who resemble movable boards. Known from previous episodes graphic style is back, presenting once again wonderfull enviroment.

Drink blood to gain strength – boost your power by drinking enemy’s blood. It feeds your emptiness and chaos powers. Use the focus mode, to control the flow of blood and to outfight the enemys.

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£ 5.90