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Company Heroes 2 - Western Front Armies

The Western Front Armies is the first stand-alone expansion set for the Company of Heroes 2, that gives an access to the multiplayer mode. Action takes place on western front and shows one of the most desperate battles in World War II in the hardest moment of this conflikt. An american army and german „Oberkommando West” are the completely new fractions, which completely change the gameplay in this multiplayer mode.

Teach army has its own tactical options, new kinds of infantry, team weapons, vehicles, abilities and upgrades. All those can be used on 8 multiplayer maps, that represents the western fron in different seasons. Western Front Armies also contains a new player progress system, that introduce additional solutions and allows player to have bigger control of tactical aspects of the game.

Expansion will be available as a stand-alone package, which is an introduction to Company of Heroes 2 and allows to join the vivacious community of fans of the game. New players can also play on the 23 standard maps from Company of Heroes 2 in auto-matching system and fight agains other fractions.




US Forces – Lead the powerful Eisenhower army, using new abilities and strategy.

Oberkommando West – Completely new solutions for german army, innovative capabilities and battle strategies.

West Front – this time we will fight on west front, where we can admire breathtaking views, that gives the game new realism and dynamics.

New Maps – 8 new maps in addition to the 23 from the original game version. On Steam we can find thousands of maps created by the fans.

Exciting internet battles – Feel the incredible ferocity of the fighting at the front, and take part in the horrific battles. Try your skills in the clashes with opponents from around the world.

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£ 8.60