Corrupt Dragon Battleaxe (RS3)

The Corrupt Dragon Battleaxe was released on 15 October 2008 along with the PvP worlds. It is the strongest battleaxe available to non-members, but it crumbles to dust after 30 minutes of use. This weapon also gives the second highest Strength bonus for non-members (succeeded by the Gravite 2h Sword from the Dungeoneering skill). It requires 60 Attack to wield. Although it has a very high damage output per second, its price and short lifetime make it completely impractical for training.

Players can receive this item either by trading with another player, or by receiving it as a rare drop from killing revenants.

In Wilderness, when a player is killed with the degraded version of this weapon, a million coins are dropped instead of the battleaxe, as you cannot trade the degraded version.

This weapon has the best slash and the second best strength bonuses for non-members (70 and 85, respectively), surpassing the previous record holder, the Rune two-handed sword.

When the battleaxe is bought, it is called "Corrupt dragon battleaxe". In this form it is traceable, however, once it is used, it will change to "C. dragon battleaxe (deg)", which is the untradeable form. It may be assumed that this has been done to prevent players from using it and then selling it when there is only a little amount of time left for it to degrade.

It is arguably the second most desirable weapon in Free-to-Play(succeeded by the Gravite 2h Sword), as many players hope to use it for a devastating final blow. The maximum hit of this weapon in F2P is approximately 360 with the right strength bonuses. It can be bought from the Grand Exchange in Varrock. The Corrupt Dragon Battleaxe was released at 120,000 coins.

The Corrupt Dragon Battleaxe is becoming less common since the release of Dungeoneering because the Gravite 2h Sword lasts longer (10 hours of combat, as opposed to 30 minutes), has a higher strength bonus (90 as opposed to 85), and is arguably easier to obtain. Its highest bonus to attack is with Crush, rather than Slash, making it more lethal to opponents wearing armour. The cost to maintain a Gravite 2h Sword is much cheaper. 

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