CSGO Account - Private Rank 2

Counter Strike: Global Offensive


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CS:GO is one of the greatest first person shooter games to ever grace Steam. Our range of accounts will help give you the competitive edge in various online game modes without all of the hard work of having to reach a specific level manually! 
This account includes:
  • Private Rank 2
  • Competitive Wins: 2
  • 80+ Hours on CS:GO
  • All Leagues Unused
  • NO VAC/Untrusted/OW/Trade/Community Bans
  • Never Injected



1. Access your order portal once you have completed the checkout process, this can be accessed via your order confirmation email or order confirmation page.

2. The supplier will provide you with the Username & Password of the Steam Account.

3. The supplier will provide you with a Steam Guard Code in order for you to log in to the account.

4. The supplier will provide you with another Steam Guard Code in order for you to change the e-mail address linked to the account.
5. After you have changed the e-mail address, you will now be ready to use your account!
*There is no Phone Number linked to the account.*
*There is no Market Transaction / Steam Purchase made with this account.*





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