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Divinity: Original Sin

Get ready for a journey into the true old school world of RPG. Mind you companions and fight together with foes in classical turn-based combat. Investigate this open realm and correlate with everything and everyone on your path. Play with your friend in co-op mode and write your own story.

You are young Source Hunter. You mission in Divinity: Original Sin will be seemingly simple: fight against those, who use magic to dark purposes. Quicly you will find yourself in a long-lasting battle between good and evil that will have impact on entire world.

No other RPG game gives so much freedom, objects and mechanics to interact. The story is just to guide you to your ultimate goal, but how you will to it – it is only up to you or your friend. Divinity: Original Sin gives the complete cooperation system, that allows player to experience adventures in drop in/drop out multiplayer system.




Be a part of a living world - explore completely different surroundings and conditions, meet many creatures of every kind and collect all the stuff that you would ever wanted.

Fight again in classic, turn-based system - use the environment, spells, curses, blessings, combos, skills – everything what you can to win agains enemies. Be creative: use rain spell to make them wet, and then cast lighting to burn them to the ground. Your brain gives you the advantage.

Play with friends - adventures are much greater when you share it with your brother-in-arm. Discuss your decissions and agree or disagree, and what you’ll do will have an impact on the game world.

Character and adventure creators - no limiting classes. The countless combinations of items and interactions gives you more freedom than any other game. You can also create your own strories and show them to friends and players online. With the game you get the powerfull tool, that was used by the Original Sin game creators.

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