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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Terrifying cataclysm pushed land of Thedas into the embrace of chaos. Once again you are on a mission to save the world. You must lead the Inquisition, stop the perpetrators of this conflict and bring peace.

Mages joined an open war against despotic Templars, dragons circulate on the sky, casting shadows on that, once, peaceful land. Whole nations began to fight each other. Explore, command and fight – your choices have influence on the character of gameplay and the story.

During creating your character, you will choose its gender, one of the four races and from three different classes. Each one has different skills set, weapons and special abilities. For every class, there are unique, special story elements. Later, when your Inquisitor will be more experienced, you will be able to choose his specialization – the advanced class. It will give you access to more, completely new skills. It is only up to you who you are and what you do.



Be the Inquisitor – Lead the Inquisition, by taking part in this multithreaded history with fascinating characters. Set off on a dangerous journey through the world of Dragon Age.

Meet Legendary Heroes – To become an outstanding leader, you will have to establish a relationship with legendary heroes. However, the biggest challenge will be maintaining and developing them.

Discover Dragon Age World – Newest game from BioWare studio tells a story of unparalleled scale, that takes place in a huge, constantly changing world. Search hidden caves, fight with terrifying monsters and make decisions that will change the fate of the whole continent.

What Leader Will You Become? - Control the outlook and skills of your character and it's companions, build guard posts and fortresses. Shape the squad of your Inquisition forces and your own combat style.

Fight Alongside Your Friends – You don't have to be alone to fight the enemies of Thedas. You can take part in exciting expeditions against frightening monsters. Choose one of the 12 unique envoys of Inquisition, personalize him by using captured gear and prepare for the combat full of action.

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