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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Goku and his friends will reborn again in the fiercest battles of their life! In Dragon Ball Xenoverse you will experience the most famous battles as your personalized avatar.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is another fighting game from Dimps studio, veterans of the genre. The game shows, among the others, the most spectacular and important battles of Son Goku in history of Dragon Ball. You will have a chance to beat Vegeta and Nappa, Freeza in 4th stadium, Cell in perfect shape and Bubu. Developers decided to refresh a little bit the story, so they added new world structure, futuristic city Toki Toki, and another mysterious characters with supernatural abilities.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the first game from Dragon Ball brand that will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which results in the best visual experiences. Developers wanted the game to imitate original Japanese manga and animations, so they chose cel-shading technology, in order to give the graphics characteristic, comics style.





Personalized avatar – create your own Dragon Ball character, who is gonna enter the world of the 7 crystal balls. Choose from different races, including Humans, Saiyans, Majins, Nameks. You can even join the clan of Freeza and fight for him.

New locations – Clock, that stopped once, is going to tick again in enigmatic and the futuristic city of Toki Toki.

New characters – Miira, artificial creature that wants to become the most powerfully creature in the world, Towa, dark and mysterious researcher from the demon world. We will also have a chance to meet The Supreme Kai of Time, deity born 75 million years ago and bond with TokiToki – mighty form of life, that is producing time!

Master System – Decide, which of the original Dragon Ball characters, is going to be your master. Your skills and training will be very different, depending on your choice. Your master will be present on the battlefield to help you in critical moments.

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£ 8.44