Dragon Claws (RS3)

A dragon claw is a claw made of dragon metal. It was released, then as dragon claws, on 26 November 2008, along with the While Guthix Sleeps Quest and tormented demons. It is a one-handed weapon that requires an Attack level of 60 in order to wield. It is statistically identical to a dragon scimitar, but with an added critical hit bonus. The dragon claw may be obtained as drops from tormented demons, traded from another player or bought from the Grand Exchange. Tormented demons can only be killed during and after While Guthix Sleeps, but completing the quest is not a requirement to wield the dragon claw (or its off-hand equivalent).

With a Dungeoneering level of 80, players can attach five chaotic spikes to the claw, creating a chaotic claw, which requires level 80 Attack and degrades in the same manner as normal chaotic weapons. This process is irreversible, and the upgraded claw is untradeable.

Special Attack

The dragon claw has a special attack, Slice & Dice, similar to its previous special attack before the Evolution of Combat. The special attack hits the target four times and uses 50% adrenaline.

The special attack requires both the main hand and off-hand variants equipped.

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