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Dying Light

In Dying Light you will be thrown into vast urban areas, where the last living people are struggling for survival. During the day they search for supplies and develop new weapons, so they can survive the night.

In Dying Light time of day determines everything. At day you can freely travel through vast urban zones ravaged by a terrible epidemic, to find essential items and to create weapons. At night the hunter becomes haunted. as enemies become much more aggressive and dangerous. However the biggest threat comes with nocturnal predators, which leave their nests only after dark. You will have to use all resources and skills to survive until dawn.




Welcome to quarantine. Meet an original story set in an infested city fenced from the world. Chances for survival have only those, who are the strongest. In this huge world you will face many different enemies and infected are not you only worry. You will often have to kill to get constantly dwindling resources.

Play the game on your own rules. Use weapons, environment and traps left by other survivors. Provoke your enemies and set them against each other. Complete your tasks during the nights and day, use dark, fog or storm to maintain unseen. Give yourself an advantage thanks to offensive and defensive gadgets. Experience this fascinating story, take part in more than a hundred side quests and check your skills in special challenges.

The game allows up to 4 player to cooperate in the same time and fight for survival in extreme zombie apocalypse conditions. Express your personality by changing the appearance of your hero. You can also become one of the infected in special multiplayer mode. If you always wanted to check how it is on the other side, now you have the best chance.



Night changes everything – During the day player explores the world and finds supplies and weapons. After twilight infected city transforms and gameplay is completely different. From the hunter player becomes haunted and whole armies of undead grow stronger.

Parkour style movement – No matter if you hunt or run from night predators, Dying Light allows for intuitive and easy movement on the whole urban terrain. Jump over the buildings and attack your enemies from the sky. You have never seen so much freedom of movement in open world.

Make your own weapon – Why use an ordinary machete, if you can combine it with a lighter and inflict more damage? Or wrap hammer with live barbed wire? In Dying Light player create their own versions of armament and build more and more deadly fighting tools.

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