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Enemy Front (Limited Edition)

 Your name is Robert Hawkins, a war correspondent that landed right in the middle of hell of World War II. That what you see made you angry on those Nazis and you decided to join the resistance. Enemy Front is the first FPS game, that takes place during WWII, in which you’ll have opportunity to take part in fully open-ended missions in Norway, Germany, France and as an insurgent in Warsaw. Players will experience an astonishing visual effects, intense combat and will be given full freedom to choose their own way to achieve victory: Face to face, stealth and sabotage, or sniping from afar.

Main designer of the game is Stuart Black, that participated in the creation of cult shooter Black. Enemy Front uses CryEngine3, so highest quality is guaranteed. Thanks to that engine game world lives its own life, like never before in WWII games. Diversity, historical locations, unique character design and destroyable surroundings. Enemy Front is a story about being a soldier, with all its brutal consequences.




Extensive storyline, that develops historical threads, including the events in Wolf’s Lair and breaking the Enigma’s code.

Authentic WWII world, full of details, created with CryEngine3. Historical locations, destroyed during exchange of fire.

Dynamic, diverse missions, full of fast fire combat, spying and sabotage actions.

Replayable Single-Player campaign and 12 player Multiplayer Mode, all powered with CryEngine Technology.

At your disposal will be the whole arsenal of weapons of World War II: all categories of hand guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMG’s and some special Resistance weapons including Step gun, Lighting SMG and Welrod.

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£ 4.17


£ 4.17