ESL One Cologne 2015 Overpass Souvenir Package

Counter Strike: Global Offensive


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This item commemorates ESL One Cologne 2015 CS:GO Championship.

It was dropped during the Quarterfinal match between Team Kinguin and Team SoloMid, and autographed by Finn Andersen who was the most valuable player in that round.

Contains one of the following:

M249 | Contrast Spray
MAG-7 | Storm
MP9 | Storm
Sawed-Off | Sage Spray
UMP-45 | Scorched
MP7 | Gunsmoke
Desert Eagle | Urban DDPAT
Glock-18 | Night
P2000 | Grassland
XM1014 | VariCamo Blue
SSG 08 | Detour
CZ75-Auto | Nitro
USP-S | Road Rash
M4A1-S | Master Piece

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