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Enter the wild world, where human must constantly fight against the nature. Are you gonna be the hunter or the haunted? Turtle Rock Studios (Left 4 Dead) presents next-generation shooter for cooperation.
Evolve is the most awarded title among games coming in 2015. This blockbuster is the first game in history of electronic entertainment to win both Gamescom and E3 Best of Show awards in the same year.

Four hunters in a struggling fight against one monster, also controlled by human. Follow the beast, discover it's weaknesses, lead furious attack and show that you are real predator in this 4 vs 1 clashes full of adrenaline.



4 vs 1 – Find three friends and hunt the monster down together or harass humans as evolving beast. No matter what side you choose, you will gain access to powerful weapons and abilities, that provides competitive gameplay

Hunt together or die alone – Choose a hunter, that suits your gameplay style.Impersonate as trapper, support soldier, storm trooper or medic. Each one of them got its special abilities and cooperation is the key to success in defeating the monster.

Lone predator – you are the boss during this battle. Use your animal instincts to prove that you represent the dominant specie, a real scaremonger and killer.

Wild planet – Neither flora nor fauna are friendly on planet Shear. You can fall victim to many natural hazards, or you can use them to gain strategic advantage over your enemy.

Character customization – gain new experience levels. unlock powerful upgrades, bonuses and skins for your favourite characters: hunter or the monster. Develop villain factor and become the alpha predator.

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£ 2.92