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F1 2014

This year it is gonna be completely different. Formula 1 is changing and you can experience it all in F1 2014. Are you ready for a fresh challenge and become the best drives in the world?

F1 2014 offers you all new circuits and rules. Bolids have changed aerodynamics and creators focused more on a driver animation. Now you can really feel what is like to drive each turbocharged car, because F1 2014 contains all drivers, circuits and teams, created with attention for the smallest details. That is why this product is the official video game of Formula 1.

F1 2014 is for both veterans of the series and for newcomers. Smart evaluation system can mark your skills and propose game difficulty that suits to them. Thanks to that no matter if you have experience with racing simulators or not, you can quickly get into competition for glory. Regraded difficulty system is the best way to adjust all driving and competition options.


RaceNet Multiplayer Mode – Experience new multiplayer functions thanks to the RaceNet system. This a community hub that connects more than a million of players. In F1 2014 player can enjoy split screen with a friend or go fully online and race with 15 real contestants and 8 racers controlled by AI in many game modes.

Scenarios – This mode gives you a chance to win medals and put your skills to the limit in emotional prepared scenarios. Those short racing missions are based on real history of Formula 1 stories and real-world challenges.

New Driver Evaluation System – After loading the game for the first time, every driver needs to finish one lap on a circuit. Then the game will check his skills and suggest one of the difficulty levels, so both the pro and novice can quickly get into competition.

Better game physics – F1 2014 got totally redefined game physics to better adapt to the reality. This year's cars are turbocharged so there are many more overtaking possibilities. ERS system have 10 times more capacity than KERS and generates more horsepower that is instantly delivered for drivers.

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