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Far Cry 4 (Limited Edition)

Immerse yourself in Kyrat, a breathtaking, dangerous and wild region of Himalayas. But the wilderness is not your only enemy. Kyrat is ruled by a self-styled, despotic king - Pagan Min. Welcome to the fourth episode of one of the best shooters in gaming history.

The place is full of dense forests and Himalayas peaks, covered with snow. This world lives and... kills. Use your gyroplane to search the terrain and jump to the ground with your flying suit. Get on the back of a 6-tons elephant and make your enemy feel his unstoppable strength. Choose the right weapon to the actions you perform, no matter from how crazy or unpredictable it is. Thanks to the various options in the arsenal, you will be ready for everything. You will hardly have a chance to be alone in this inhospitable place and having eyes around your head is very recommended.




Himalayan Fauna – From panthers, rhinos, through the eagles to the dangerous honey badgers - Kyrat is home for all of them and many more.. When you are setting off to look for the resources, keep in mind that you are probably not the only hunter around.

Himalayas missions – Journey to Kyrat would be incomplete without seeing the highest peaks in Himalayas. Through the entire game, you will perform a series of missions in snowy mountains. Himalayan missions are the most extreme: you will have to survive avalanches, ride the snowmobile and fight for every breath, trying to stay alive on such attitude. Flying suit can be the only rescue...

Shangri-La – Kyrat is a beautiful country that is deeply ingrained in rich Himalayan mythology. Shangri-La is a legendary place and a local folklore element, searched by mortals with hope to find enlightenment. This a spiritual parallel world, which allows you to go beyond borders of your mind and be in place, where the legends live.

Pagan Min – He is a son of a drug dealer from the Golden Triangle. He was born in Hong Kong, and from his early childhood, he showed much ambition and extravagance. Pagan worked for his father, but he hated him and after his death he moved on to Kyrat and fought his way to power. Now the whole country is like a giant drug factory, designated only to make his owner richer and richer.

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