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Grey Goo (PC)

Centuries after Humanity first left Earth, all forms of life in the Milky Way have evolved toward an inward tranquility. But there has been a mutation. A mysterious organism barrels toward the surface of a lone, resource-rich planet known as Ecosystem 9, on a mission to consume all it encounters.

Grey Goo is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that combines classic strategy mechanics and a balanced combat system with an emphasis on large-scale decision-making. It puts you at the centre of a tactical struggle for survival—and ultimately, control of Ecosystem 9.

Command one of three unique factions: the Humans, masters of defensive architecture; the Beta, a proud, versatile alien race; or the Goo, an enigmatic, highly mobile life form. Fight from behind massive walls, attack from strategic outposts, or swallow your enemies whole. Just remember, the choices you make on the battlefield will mean the difference between glorious victory and agonising defeat.

* Find the faction that fits your play style—and master it by taking on the AI or the Grey Goo community. 

* Experience the conflict on Ecosystem 9 up close and personal in the single-player campaign. 

* Join the fray on Steam and find opponents through skill-based matchmaking. 

* Change the rules of the battlefield with unit-altering tech upgrades. 

* Deliver devastating blows by constructing game-ending Epic units. 

* Take the battle offline via Local Area Network play. 

* Create your own battlefields with the Grey Goo map editor and share them with the community via Steam Workshop. 

* Enhance your competitive edge with Replay Mode and Observer Mode. 

* Explore an additional story arc with Grey Goo: Emergence, and discover the Goo’s true intention.

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£ 4.21