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GRID Autosport

In this new passionate world of proffesional motorsports it is all about the team, rivals and races. You and your partner must defeat the key opponents and satisfy your sponsors. In all events every overtake and place counts.

In the extensive career mode you can master one specific type of races or be a champion in all modes. Feel the agrression of the stake in touring discipline, take care of your wheels and race during the night in the long distance challenges. You can also drive the open-wheel vehicles, get fans while racing on the streets any many, many more.

Every of specific categories has a serie commited to different classes, including GT class, supercars, prototypes, one-seat vehicles, drift cars, tourist cars… GRID Autosport offers oves a 100 tracks in 22 different, remarkable places and the best modern and classic cars of highest quality to buy. Tuning and modifications are also available.


The game was developed with keeping in mind the players comments and notes. That’s why the view from inside the car is back, the driving realism is higher and RaceNet is on with the new challenges every week and possibility to create teams and participate in online tournamets. As a complementation to career and multiplayer modes, developers created motorodeo, splitscreen and other entertaining ways to play GRID Autosport.

Playing GRID is to drive the best cars, modifying them to suit them to your personal style. Grup with your friends and make an unbeaten team. The driving physics reflects the way of racing as it really is. Feel the pression of the intelligent AI. They will defend their position, take the risk or simply undergo the stress and fell out the track. Star your proffesional racing career and make your dreams come true. Join the teams, gain new sponsors, beat the rivals and race with your partner. Be the champion.

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£ 4.75


£ 4.75