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GTA V Cash & Rank: Modded Cars Bundle (PS4/PS5)


Cash is king in this town.

Solve your money problems and help get whatever you want across Los Santos and Blaine County with the purchase of a GTA V PS4 or PS5 account. See the full range of GTA V cash and rank packages.

Modded Car Options:



To order this service you must have the following in-game properties:

  • M.O.C with Personal Vehicle Storage
  • 10 Car Garage (all slots empty for the vehicles)
  • Arena with additional garage section
  • Bunker

If you DO NOT have the above items you will require $5 Million in game cash, if you do not have this then order our GTA PS4 Cash Top Up service first.

This is strictly a 10 Modded Car bundle. Once you place the order your supplier will log in to your PlayStation 4 account to complete the process, please be aware of the instructions on the order form to prevent delays.

Additional Downloadable Content

£ 122.99

£ 122.99

Customer Reviews

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Professional & True to Word

took 4 or 5 days. I was allowed to pick from the example pictures which vehicles I wanted. I thought that was a nice touch. All have Yankton plates, along with Benny's or F1s and nice unique custom crew colors. There was constant communication almost every day until my order was fulfilled. So happy with the service, doing an order for my son now. The only thing that would make it a better experience is more options to choose from, or even allowing us to tell them exactly what we want (mainly rims and car, since crew can be changed after the fact). Highly recommended. Worth the money.


Amazing service highly recommend


Best cars I ever had

Modded cars

I like the cars. Was worth the wait. Thank you Digizani. I will be back for more services.

GTA 5 No More Money / Car Troubles

In the beginning i had some trouble on GTA 5 online on getting and keeping money from doing multiple mission solo/ team but the problem was i like buying cars planes boat and houses etc until i found this awesome site for ps4, ps3 xbox and even pc for all things to make us gamers live easier for in my opinion quite affordable prices and of course pretty good standards and conditions. Its very important that read and or print out his rules and requirements in order to make this a successful purchase like turning off 2 step verifications. Overall my experience was great and it didn't take long it took about 4 or 5 days, but people plz be patient this guy is working hard for you appreciate it; its so worth the wait! :)