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GTA V Cash & Rank: Extreme Package (PS3 & Xbox 360)



Please note that these products are specifically for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

The GTA Extreme Package contains impressive amounts of cash, coins and money, as well as the wildest and craziest content possible; the outfits especially are unique and unavailable for purchase in game due to how each has been created, the modded cars also are unlike any other through how they have been customised and made. This package is ideal for the professional gamer who stops at nothing to obliterate what stands in their way to rule Los Santos & Blaine County.

Each unique package provides you with additional features, free of charge, to fully equip you, regardless of the challenge you face. Click here to see the full range of GTA V cash and rank packages available from DigiZani.

Additional Downloadable Content


This Package Includes:

  • GTA Cash: $10,000,000,000
  • Rank: 1-8000 (Make sure to specify or Rank 8000 will be selected for you)
  • Custom K/D Ratio
  • Maxed Skills
  • DLC Cars Unlocked
  • LSC Car Mods Unlocked
  • LSC Paints Unlocked
  • Complete All Stunt Jumps
  • All Tattoos Unlocked
  • All Hair & Facial Hair Styles Unlocked
  • Unlimited Snacks
  • Unlimited Armour
  • Unlimited Fireworks
  • Continous Combat Roll
  • Clear Bad Sports
  • Purchase All Weapons
  • Redesign Character (ONCE)
  • Unlock All

£ 29.99


£ 29.99