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GTA V Cash & Rank: Ruby Package



Character Transfers from PS3/XB360 to XB1/PS4/PC are being SHUT DOWN on MARCH 6TH. Now is your LAST chance to purchase GTA Cash and Rank on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 before the transfer option is permanently closed on MARCH 6th 2017.


The Ruby Package is a great starter package for GTA Online players who casually play the game. As soon as you login to the account, it has a whole variety of features, money, in-game items, unlocks and a healthy bank balance to give you the best start to life on the tough streets of Los Santos & Blaine County.

Each unique package, provides you with additional features, free of charge to fully equip you, regardless of the challenge you face. See the full range of GTA V cash and rank packages here.

Additional Downloadable Content


This Package Includes:

  • $350,000,000 GTA Cash
  • RANK 500
  • 3 Modded Outfits
  • 1 Garage filled with Supercars
  • Maxed Skills
  • DLC Cars Unlocked
  • LSC Car Mods Unlocked
  • LSC Paints Unlocked
  • Complete All Stunt Jumps
  • All Tattoos Unlocked
  • All Hair & Facial Hair Styles Unlocked.

£ 26.99


£ 26.99

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