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GTA V Cash & Rank: Ultimate Package (PS3)


These packages are specifically for PS3 and Xbox 360
The Ultimate Package is for the serious gamer on GTA Online, one of a kind and providing the setup which would provide fear to any challenging online opponent you face. A GTA Xbox 360 and PS3 Modded Account contains some of the most unique coins and money, unlocks and weaponised features, as well as the bank balance to give you the financial power to rule the streets.
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GTA Xbox 360 and PS3 modded account

Additional Downloadable Content


This Package Includes:

  • $1,000,000,000 GTA Cash
  • RANK 4000
  • Maxed Skills
  • DLC Cars Unlocked
  • LSC Car Mods Unlocked
  • LSC Paints Unlocked
  • Complete All Stunt Jumps
  • All Tattoos Unlocked
  • All Hair & Facial Hair Styles Unlocked
  • Unlimited Snacks
  • Unlimited Armour
  • Unlimited Fireworks
  • Continous Combat Roll
  • Clear Bad Sports
  • Purchase All Weapons

£ 25.99


£ 25.99