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Lords of the Fallen (Limited Edition)

This is a brutan world that never forget about any sins. You are Harkyn and you are convicted. But there is hope for you, because you have been given an opportunity to redeem yourself.

There is a threat to all mankind. The kings of the world are close to replenish all evil from the humans. But there is one god, defeated a long time ago, and now he wakes up and strikes back. Harkyn is released from his prison and with Kaslo as his master he sets out on a mission to stop the tragedy.

During his journey, Harkyn will have to fight mighty and competitive foes, but he also will make good alliances. He will gain new powers from the god's army commander – Rhogar Lords. Harkyn will also visit the heart of the demonic dimension himself. All mankind future is in his hands.




Fantasy medieval world – dark and dangerous place, where nobody feels safe. During the gameplay, you'll reveal the history of the world and your hero. You'll have to fight both with the human and supernatural beings.

Ghost form – if you fail and fall in battle, you return in a form of ghost, that is trapped somewhere in between the real world and beyond. Then you will have to find the way to reunite with your corpse.

Combat – Every battle is important. Use 11 types of weapons that look completely different and have various effects. Close combat is realistic and you'll perform realistic moves and attacks that depend on your attributes. Gather weapons and item that have magical, you'll need them to fight very challenging opponents. Choose from 3 unique classes: Cleric, Rogue or Warrior. All are fully customizable and got unique skills and can wield different weapons.

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£ 4.31


£ 4.31