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Metro Redux

Metro Redux is package of 2 cult games, that attracted attention of millions of fans – Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Night with all DLC’s. Games are adapted (mainly graphics) to the level of today’s hardware possibilities.

First game, Metro 2033, was originally released in 2010. Storyline is based upon a novel by Dimitrij Gluchowski. The action takes place in 2013, when the world what we know is doomed. Atomic apocalypse killed almost all humanity, leaving the surface as a toxic wasteland. A few survived and found shelter in Moscow underground, starting the new era of mankind – Darkness Era. You are Artem, a man raised in one of the metro stations in Moscow. You never left the borders of the station, but now you must go to the central and tell the message of a new danger.

Action of Metro: Last Night takes place a year after the first chapter. Again only Artem can save the mankind. Monsters and mutants are waiting in dark corners and underground catacombs. Meanwhile, humans instead of uniting against the enemy, began to fight each other to gain access to the old military installation in bunker D6. The inner conflict intensifies every day. Only Artem has a key do survival of our specie, the last ray of light in this dark hour.

Metro Redux is the most extensive edition of these 2 games, developed with the newest and best version of the 4A Engine, that suit to the new generation hardware. New players will get one of the most thrilling shooter games in the convention of survival-horror with the elements of exploration, tactical battles and stealth kills. The package contains all the DLC’s for both games. Fans will notice new functions and upgrades, such new animations of close-combat, ability to constant checking the watch and ammo and new animations of full silhouette of Artem.

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£ 8.41