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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Sauron is preparing his armies for The War of the Ring. Your name is Talion and you're a Ranger at the Black Gate. Your task is to keep an eye over Mordor. Nothing happened for the hundreds of years, but in one moment you are left with nothing. You lose everything – your family, friends and even life. An old spirit resurrected you, so now it is the time to have an absolute vendetta. You savor also forces you to discover the story of the Rings of Power and face the Sauron in an ultimate battle.

Gather your forces. Take control over Sauron's Uruk legions thanks to the Wraith's forces. Those, who won't come with you, will fall. Mordor is not a friendly land, so if you want to survive, you must remember only the strongest can earn right to live. You will possess mighty beasts to serve your case – Caragors and Graugs. The first citizen of Mordor – Sauron – attracts many more dangerous and wild creatures that await in shadow for their victims.


At your journey, you will see many unfriendly terrains. Valley of Udun is extremely unaccommodating and used to be the last stand for armies that wanted to breach Mordor, or even attack it. Many years ago Gondorian Outcasts lived here, but now it is crowded by Uruks. The Sea of Nurnen is not a typical land in Mordon, because of its green terrains. Sauron uses it to feed his army. Every day the hundreds of slaves catch fish here so the horde is well-fed.


Talion – Killed and resurrected by Wraith, mighty spirit. Talion now is reforged from human into a undead spirit of vengeance.

Wraith – A powerful and mystic spirit that possessed Talion. Nobody knows his motivations.

Sauron – The Dark Lord is the self-styled of Middle-Earth and dominion.

Uruk Captains – Those are the first commanding units in Sauron's army. They keep custody over all actions and plans: crafting battle plans, constructing machines and enforcing discipline.

Graugs – Real dangerous beasts. Combat is his natural environment, which makes this creature a true killing machine.

Caragor – Terrifying creature that is born for hunting and killing.

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