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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Welcome to the most thrilling murder investigation: of your own murder. Yes, you will play as Ronan O’Connor, a detective with some dishonorable conducts in his past. He is caught up in a burglary, that will end his life. But who is the killer?

After a shock of realizing that he is dead, Ronan must find him and bring to justice if he wants to escape from the world of ghost with unfinished businesses. During his mission he will use his brand new super-natural abilities and detective instinct. But on the other side, he’ll have to face more than a killer to complete this mission.

As a ghost of Ronan, player will be able to freely explore the town of Salem and no wall can stop him. The city is built in New-England style: narrow, wooden houses standing one after another. Search gothic-style buildings, mental asylum for evidences and clues to find the incredible truth of your murderer.




Supernatural detective skills - You can read the minds of suspects, change their thoughts. See what they saw and listen to what they heard to move on. You can walk through walls and teleport, and ever interrogate the dead people. Your character will acquire some poltergeist features so he can make distractions to find more clues.

Experience the world of the dead in Salem - A city with a mystic past, related to withcraft. You have complete freedom to walk from one crime scene to another and come back, even if you completed a particular investigation to follow new leads.

Fight against dark spirits - They want other souls, because they think thanks to them they can retrieve their own ones. Use your skills to avoid and approach them, before they find you and tear your soul apart.

Storyline - Constructed like a good thriller with perfect mysterious characters. As the story moves on, player wants more and more to find answers to his questions and learn the secrets of this dark city.

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