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MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame

Ready to get dirty? Fight in the mud to become a motocross champion. Your way will be dusty and thrilling. You’ll do spectacular jumps in desperate races for the first place.

Add some authenticity and simulation and we get a recipe for a perfect motocross video game. This is not gonna be easy – this mud forge a rough and hard racers. They all search for they dreamed World Champion title. Get ready for biggest adrenaline dose ever in this demanding motocross video game.


Official License - the game offers real names of 60 riders and 60 bikes. Players will race on 12 official tracks in accordance with provisions of FIM Motocross World Championships for MX1 and MX2 tours.

Feel Like a Real Racer - new career mode gives you all emotions that accompany a real-life motocross racer. Get good results to sign new contracts with official MX teams so you can compete with the best for the title of champion.

Real tracks - all tracks in game are identical to their real equivalents, with all their features: fans, animated banners or balloons. All in 3D enviroment and realistic lighting. Neither more or less, just a true world of motocross with all its climate.

Realism - MXGP has every aspect of the game. All technology works to show every detail of the race: rider’s motion capture animations, dynamic lighting, dirt systems, terrain deformation and many others.

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£ 6.77


£ 6.77