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Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed is back! Feel free to go crazy on the roads of Redview County, where rivalry between cops and racers never ends. This is not a race, where everyone obey the rules of fair competition. High speed doesn’t guarantee victory anymore. What side will you choose? Anyway you can trust no one.



High-Stakes Rivalry – Watch as the stake is rising thanks to the new earning system, that let players risk their speed points to have a chance to win better prizes. The more the risk, the faster the progress, but watch out – if you get caught police is taking everything. Speed Points allow to reach higher ranks and are unlocking new cars. Cops are cooperating with each other like a pack of wolves, immobilizing more and more racers.

All-Drive – Brand new multiplayer system in Need For Speed. It destroys the line between single- and multiplayer gameplay. This revolutionary option allows to gather friends from all over the world, who are racing right now. Path of races collides and fates are bound together – that creates unique situations that will never happen again.

Your Car is you – Power up your car using newest technologies and change its appearance or style, that suits you best. Modify paintwork, colours, car registration, wheels and decals. Let the car be your card. Thanks to millions of potencial combinations, you can save many configurations to keep variety of packages no matter of situation.

Racers vs cops – Racers are lonely drivers, who care only about fame. They use supercars, created to compete in backbreaking competitions and intensive races. Cops are working in groups, using all possible methods. Dangerous battles on road are even more exiting, thanks to many upgrades and race technologies for both sides. Drivers, to outrun the police, use evasion technology such as jammers or electromagnetic pulses. Cops can use a support of a helicopter, call a roadblock or shot a shockwave towards a speeder. No matter what side you choose, always make use of available technologies to be one step further than competition.

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