No Time To Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle

Our team will login to your account and obtain the “No Time to Explain” Pulse rifle. This pulse rifle is a revamped and updated version of the “Stranger’s Rifle” from the early Story mode of vanilla Destiny. Our team will complete the lengthy quest and communicate with you during step 2. In the order notes, please let us know if you have a preferred material we may use for step 2.

  1. Complete the alternate ending to the Story Mission ‘Paradox’
  2. Pledge allegiance to the ‘Future War Cult’ and turn in 1000 reputation worth of materials
  3. Kill a taken Major or Ultra Minotaur and destroy the simulation core you obtain from it.
  4. Kill Atheon, the Vault of Glass Boss.
  5. Find the special chest on Twilight Gap.
  6. Complete the unique mission assigned afterward.
  7. Receive Pulse Rifle “No Time To Explain” as reward.

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