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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

The Pitch is Ours - this is the main motto of the game. Even more thrilling action during every match, new gameplay modes, online and offline game modes improvements – this is Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

United development teams from Tokio and Windsor had simple goals for the new PES 2015: to make a game that would fully reflect dramaturgy and tension for the football matches. PES 2015 is a conscious return to the original values of the series, such as maximum control over the events on the pitch, very sensitive controls and unlimited gameplay style, so player can have fun exactly in his own way.

Different actions like passing, shooting or sprint, are carefully balanced, so the game gives maximum level of satisfaction. This year's edition of PES has completely new system responsible for key moments in the match. Taking shot and goalkeeper's reactions are far more precise, control over the power of shoot and unlimited possibilities of shooting.




Players Behaviour - PES 2015 contains huge player database, who looks and reacts to the events during the match just like real people. In this year's edition, we get over a 1000 players with animations to reflect their original style. Just like the teams, so we have tactics that suit to the particular club. Players move on the pitch just like real footballers, have emotional reactions on the events, which really affects their efficiency.

Theatre of Movement – Animations perfectly reflect individual player's characteristics. Although speed reaction is far better, it is improved without any loss in quality of animation. Models of players are also improved.

Audience frenzy – PES 2015 perfectly reflects the real atmosphere of the matches for the highest stake. Fans animations are also improved – what happens on the pitch affects audience reactions.

Let there be light – All elements of the game, from footballers action to the audience on tribunes, uses one source of light, what makes the game even more realistic.

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£ 7.26