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Resident Evil HD

The game that defined the whole survival-horror genre is back! We present to you Resident Evil in completely new, remastered HD version.

In 1998, the special operations team was sent to investigate strange homicides on the outskirts of Raccoon City. After arrival on place officers were attacked by bloodthirsty dogs, that forced them to hide in mansion nearby. However, the smell of death hung heavily in the air. You have to fight for survival, despite of dwindling supplies.




Graphics - More detailed graphics that perfectly reflect the frightening atmosphere. Locations in the game come to life thanks to detail level achieved by increasing the resolution and use of non-static, three-dimensional models. HD graphics is more realistic after adding image postprocessing effects, such as filters brightness. This was impossible, when the game hit the market for the first time. Resolution of locations and details of the background is increased. They are recreated with use of high definition images and animated 3D models.

Widescreen support - Greater realism of the game is provided by added support for widescreen (16:9). In panoramic mode it is possible to scroll the view. Invisible parts from the top and bottom will scroll automatically, depending on where the figure is. Display mode can be changed anytime during the gameplay.

Sound and new controls system - High definition audio thanks to remastered sounds. Sampling frequency is increased and of course now it is well supported in 5.1. It is possible to play in the existing control system or to use an alternative system, in which all you have to do to move in desired direction is to push the analog stick. You can switch between both controls systems any time you want during the play.

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£ 5.30