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Roblox Robux

Buy Roblox Robux online to save over 20% compared to buying from the official store.

What Are Robux?

Robux (formerly known as R$) is the in-game currency in Roblox. It allows you to upgrade the look of your avatar with costumes, skins, and accessories, and buy various special items in Roblox.

How to Get More Robux

You can get Robux for free, but it will take you a long time to amass them. You could join the Roblox affiliate program which will get you free Robux as commission if someone signs up after clicking your link. You can also get more Robux by creating Roblox games, selling Game Passes or it a reduced cost when signing up to Roblox Premium.

However, the best way to get more Robux quickly is by buying online from DigiZani, and save money at the same time compared to buying directly from the official Roblox store.

Additional Downloadable Content

£ 17.99

£ 17.99