Ruined Dragon Armour Shard (RS3)

The Ruined dragon armour shard was released along with While Guthix Sleeps quest. It is related to the Ruined dragon armour lump and Ruined dragon armour slice. Along with the release of the Dragon Forge in the Ancient Cavern, all three Ruined Dragon Armour pieces are forged into a Dragon platebody with the use of a Blast fusion hammer. A player must have completed the While Guthix Sleeps quest and achieved 92 Smithing to create the Dragon Platebody; simply use one of the three Ruined Dragon pieces with a heated Anvil. The Assist system may be used as of 28 November as stated on the official forums by Mod Emilee. This item is dropped by Tormented Demons in the same place where the Stone of Jas was.

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