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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is the new episode of the beloved series. This time the game is in science-fiction climate. The story takes part in the future: global events caused destabilization of te world, fall of the contemporary society and rise of the new order, that is a threat to all mankind.

As a member of the expedition that is looking for a new home outside the earth, you will write a new chapter in human history. You will lead people to new borders and make new space civilization. Discover and colonize whole planet, develop new technologies, build mighty armies and wonderful monuments. You are chosen to shape the new world. During your journey, you will have to make a lot of important decisions. From choosing the mission sponsor and early colony plans to far-reaching path for the whole nation. Every choice is opening new possibilities.


The seed of adventure – Describe your culture identity, by choosing one the eight different sponsors. Each of them has its bonuses that will help you during your mission. Prepare the expedition, by building your spaceship and gathering the future society and cargo. All those choices will have direct impact on the starting conditions on a new planet.

Colonize the foreign planet – Discover threats and benefits on a new planet with dangerous terrain, uncovered resources, and unfriendly life forms. Build facilities, find relics of foreign civilizations and embrace wild species. Make new trade roads and cities full of life, to ensure the welfare of your people.

Space actions – Build and lead modern armies, economic and science units on the orbit. They can have defense, harassing, and auxiliary tasks.

Upgrading units – Dnlock many upgrades in technology network and modify your units so they will fit your playing style.

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£ 6.06