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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

A long-awaited sequel to the original StarCraft – a legend in real-time strategy genre. StarCraft II is both a challenge in single player campaign and competitive multiplayer mode, connected to (Blizzard’s own feature designed especially for online battles).

In RTS game, players are gathering resources, build armies and fight in exiting battles to take control on the battlefield. As commanders, they observe their units from birds-eye view and give ordes to their armies in real time. Key to succes is strategic thinking. Players have to gather informations about enemy’s maneuvers, predict next step, outflank attack etc.

StarCraft II offers 3 completely different races to play. Their armies consist unique units and buildings. Each race has it’s advantages and defects, so knowing combat profiles of all of them can give advantage that is needed to archieve victory. Player can choose between resourceful Terran's, technologically advanced Protoss and fearless and ravenous Zerg.


Multiplayer mode is based on technology – Blizzard’s own online gaming system. In this mode players can test their skills agains or alongside the people from all over the world. is enriched with special matchmaking program, that is searching for games and opponents with comparable skill level, so players can easily find a fair challenge. Special ranking system, ladders and leagues gives many occasions to play in tournaments and win prizes.


Custom maps and Game Types – all players can create their own maps and mods using the same editor that was used by the developers during the production of campaign. Maps can be shared and played on

Data in the Cloud – StarCraft II can follow every gamer no matter where he is. Single player progress can be saved on servers, so if player want to re-install the game or want to play on different machine in other place he can continue without any difficulties.

Friends List – gives many social options to make online experience even better. Players can be up-to-date with every activities of their friends, send broadcast messages and keep in touch with many users in different games.

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£ 7.34