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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

 This game is a direct continuation of The Amazing Spider-Man from 2012 and a spin-of of the new movie by Andrew Garfield. Thanks to that fact the scenario is a fresh story, which will not get tired of people, who had seen the film in the cinema.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an another step forward. We gegt big, open world, which we explore while swing on webs. The authors spent a lot of time to improve this aspect of the game - the system is much modified and it looks like the webs really stick to the buildings. Beside exploration, the key of fun is combat. Our hero got a new, large set of moves and he can use different kinds of web during the fight.

But creators of the game didn't just focus on the improvements of existing game modes. So we got some novelties, such as system that will track player behaviour. It will reward us if we take a noble decisions or act like a real superhero for example we will rescue innocent citizens or catch the criminals. The missions that we perform while we are Peter Parker took on importance and now they are a fully fledged part of the story.




Play as Peter Parker - use your alter-ego to investigate crimes that in spider form you would never have access.

New web arsenal - use new moves in web-swing mechanics. Web also have new chemical capabilities, such as freezing enemies or blowing objects.

Heroism system - it will reward you for acting like a real superhero, but if you ignore the screams of innocent you will have to face the comsequences.

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£ 6.25