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The Crew



The Crew is a real next-generation racing game with fully open world, that allows players to compete each other on massive and beautiful terrains of USA.

Title is produced by French studio Ivory Tower, founded by ex-workers of Eden Games, with the participation of Ubi Soft Reflections. Your car is your representative in this virtual world of racing. Gain levels and become the king of roads in 5 different and detailed regions of United States.

The main goal, that developers wanted to achieve, was to „players never race alone”. That is why they created many social options, so you can fluently change the game mode from single player to multiplayer. The Crew offers many game modes for both individual and team competitions with friends or randomly picked players. You can participate in the game wherever you are. Run the special app on iOS, Android or the web. Check your friends progress, give missions to your crew members to get more XP points and better parts.

One of the features, that makes this game special, is expanded car modification mode. Players will be able to change not only the outlook of the body of the car, but also its technical parameters. Every car will be individually modified to suit driver's likes and driving style.



You'll never drive alone - You can jump into the action anytime you want. Form a good team up to 4 drivers and immerse yourself in action packed races and mission. No matter if your next task is to attack the convoy or to chase with the police, making it with your friends is always a fresh and emotional experience.

Ultimate sandbox car game - Whole United States are at your disposal. You can ride not only on every road – all imaginable terrains are potential racing tracks. City centres, canyons, deserts, suburbs, cornfields, hillsides... and many more.

Customize your car for the next race - As you progress, you will collect performance and body parts. Use them to upgrade and customize your cars. There are 5 different types od tuning specs (circuit, street, dirt, perf and raid) you can mount on your ride for better adapt to different driving terrains. There are also some driving perks that will boost your vehicle.

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£ 8.38