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The Evil Within

The Evil Within brings the roots of real survival horror. In this game by Shinji Mikami, creator of legendary Resident Evil series, you'll discover surrealistic reality and try to release yourself from the plot that could arise only in totally frightened world.

When detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners are searching crime scene of a terrible, mass murderer, they meet with mysterious and powerful force. Sebastian's people are slain and he got caught into a trap. He wakes up in strange and overwhelming world, where disgusting creatures hunts the dead. Sebastian must face the unimaginable fear, reveal the truth who;s behind it and... survive. Face the unnatural monsters and get to know real fear, heightened by the most advanced lighting and animations created in new id Tech 5 engine.



Return to the roots of survival horror - Shinji Mikami is the father of survival horror genre, returns as creator of new, terrifying game with an incredible story. Tension and curiosity grow as you discover the world full of cruelty. Your resources are strictly limited and you must fight for survival and master the fear in this ideal mixture of horror and action.

Brutal traps and unreal creatures - Face the incredible fear, cruel traps and devilish mechanisms during battles with a predominant enemy. Turn evil against evil by using terrifying machines to fight with deadly creatures.

Unknown threats in the world full of uncertainty - Mysteries and unnatural phenomenons occur in the world that changes on your very eyes. Corridors, walls, doors and even whole building evolves in real time, creating a real prison where dangerous hides around every corner and can reveal itself in any moment.

New face of horror - Incredibly detailed surrounding, terrifying events and intriguing story: all that makes addictive world, that wakes up incredible emotions. Defeat frightening enemies, meet the real fear and reveal the truth – this is The Evil Within.

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£ 6.08