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The Sims 4

Witness the revolution in The Sims. New generation of your favourites will surprise you. They are smarter than you think and they will help you live the stories so moving and emotional as never before.

The Sims 4 is an incredible life simulator that allows you to tell crazy stories about your Sims. Now you create Sims with individual appearance, personality behaviour and emotions. Develop your creativity by making your Sims in special new app and design beautiful houses in completely new construction mode with precise rooms making tool. Watch, share and add new elements to your game from the Gallery. Control the minds, bodies and hearts of your Sims and discover new possibilities in rich surrounding.

Make and control completely different Sims. Create and modify their outlook, clothing style, skills, careers and even movement style. For the first time, Sims have emotions that you can control. They experience various emotional states that depend on your actions, other Sims, events and objects in the game. Emotions give you more possibilities and help you to create countless, unpredictable stories. Watch as your Sims cooperate each other and express their individual personalities in many social situations.




New creation tools – New apps for Sim creations and building mode are efficient, intuitive and brings a lot of fun. Now you can easily project a house of your dreams with completely new rooms building feature.

Living surrounding – Discover new capabilities of the in living and dynamic surrounding. Choose from beautiful and different terrains and build fantastic homes for your Sims. Have fun with new activities. Meet new friends, interact with other Sims from your neighborhood and spend the time with them in parks and locals.

Reward system – Get new objects, clothes and features by taking part in social events, gathering collector's items and unlocking achievements.

Publish your work – Watch, share and add new content to your game from The Sims 4 Gallery. Look for inspirations from the contend made by rich society of The Sims 4 and get new elements into the game.

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£ 24.70