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Thief: Out of Shadows


Thief: Out of Shadows is the fourth episode of the legendary stealth game series about adventures of the title hero. The production was created by Eidos Montreal studio, known from the Deus: Human Revolution. While creating Thief, creators patterned after previous episodes of the brand. In Thief we will be back in the universe that contains a combination of several themes: victorian period, gothic and magic.

Title hero, clever thief Garret, comes back after years of absence to the metropolis called City, where new order rules. The city is gorevned by Baron, tyrant and bully, who has in mind his own interest. The community is tormented not only by his guards, but also a enigmatic plague. For Garret this situation is good for one main reason: surrounding chaos is a great occasion to get rich at the expense of other. But it soon will come to light that our hero is embroiled in a deeper plot and again he will have to choose his side.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, the new Thief is similar to the previous episodes of the series and consists a series, in which Garrets steals from rich citizens of City, and by the way he get to know their secrets. Again playes have occasion to perform missions in many ways and use a variety of weapons and gadgets. Despite of fact, that Garret is a fencing master, he prefers to stay unseen. He has his toys to avoid confrontation, such as special arrows or special stick, which stuns enemys. He has got claws, that allows him to climb in some places on the map.

New Thief is also a number of improvements, which are mainly related to opponents. NPC, such us characteristic guards can search the rooms looking for suspicious movement and can take advantage of fact, that they know the terrain. However Garret has a “Focus” ability, that lights up the elements he can interact with. This power can also slow down time while pickpocketing and allow to make special attacks – one of them is used to push the enemy.

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