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This War of Mine


In This War of Mine, you're not an elite soldier. You are a leader of a group of civilians, that is trying to survive in besieged city. This game will show you war in a completely new light.

If This War of Mine can be described in one sentence, it is a simulator of the human desire to live. Player must fight a desperate battle for survival in a town totally engulfed by the war. Lack of food and medicines, constant threat from the enemy's snipers and looters – this is daily routine.

The pace of gameplay in This War of Mine is determined by cycle of day and night. During the day, you cannot leave your shelter because of the enemy's snipers, so you must focus on taking care on your hideout. - crafting useful tools, protecting your group members, strengthening defenses and other. Night is the time when you can go on an expedition to one of the unique locations to find objects and food that will help you to survive.

Make dramatic decisions, guided by your conscience. Try to save all or sacrifice some in order to save the rest. When there is a war outside, there are no good or bad decisions – survival is the only thing that matters. The faster you understand it, the bigger are your chances of survival.


Inspired by true events – Developers put a lot of work to familiarize yourself with the memories of those who saw the war with their own eyes. They wanted to get to know as much as they could to understand this hell on earth.

Be a leader of the group and save people – Give orders to other survivors and manage your shelter. Craft weapons, beds, cookers, alcohol, everything that will help you tu survive. Make decisions, often emotionally engaging and ruthless.

Stylized graphics and generated world – Game world and characters and newly generated every time you start the new game. Charcoal drawings stylized graphics perfectly emphasize the subject matter of the game.

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£ 4.48


£ 4.48