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Witness the titan’s arrival. Titanfall is a new generation FPS produced by a veterans of shooting games. Game cumulates fast action in multiplayer battles with movie-like epic moments and offers absolute unique kind of gameplay.

Release the Titans.

Imagine that you are in future. A tug-of-war is everywhere around. In a fervor o combat you look up. From the sky a 7 meters tall steel giant is falling down right in front of you. Machine is awaiting for it’s pilot.

This is Titanfall, a latest blockbuster shooter from EA. Players are fighting each other in online multiplayer combat. The times of “soldier vs soldier” combad are already behind us. Fights between powerfull, heavily armored Titans requires teamwork and advised strategy.

How would YOU like to conquer the world of Titanfall – as a human or as a giant mech?



Pilots vs Titans – In this war will you count on strenght of your own legs or maybe you’ll sit behind the handles of giant steel monster? Pilots are agile like an acrobats, but Titans have best firepower.

Cloud – the centerpoint of the Titanfall. It’s powers many in-game features, such as artificial intelligence, multiplayer services and game physics. Thanks to that, PC or Xbox One can focus on generating the next-gen beautifull graphics.

Single Player – in this redefined mode, players are able to play missions and complete objectives in the same time as they are played online. Cutscenes appear throughout online experience and are used to familiarize player with key features.

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